藤田麻衣子 - 「one way」
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Panda Baby (x)

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Aoi Shouta - Animate Events.

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VS Arashi 2 hours special 11/06 preview
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oh no. please don’t cry :’( (x)

Don`t cry, Riida ♥

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Mozzarella does her best impression of a sausage.

I just love how after he asks if it’s a sausage, it looks down like “oh shit! I am a sausage :o”

"Are you a sausage?"
"*cats looks down and back up* yah"

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aiba gets hit by nino for being a hyper dork + ohno’s face :D

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Yuki Kaji at the Ace of Diamond All Star Game event.
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Kaji Yuki @Ace of Diamond All Star Game
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Me: I feel like drawing
Me: I should draw
Me: I'm gonna draw
Me: *plays videogames for 6 hours, then goes to sleep*
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